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Hi! I graduated with a Bachelor Of Science degree in Computer Science from The University of Alabama and currently working as a Mobile Developer at Shipt. I have experience working with both Mobile and Web Development using React, ReactNative, Xcode. I am proficient in JavaScript(ES6), Swift, C++. I also have experience working with Git (Version Control), VS Code and writing robust, reusable components, unit testing and end-to-end testing with detox.

Implementing personal projects and learning about new technology is one of my hobbies. I am open to professional advice, and look forward to speaking to everyone.


Mobile Developer


  • Working closely with the Product Managers and Designers in Member application team to build new and exciting features for Shipt Member app.
  • Experience working with Redux, Sagas, Animations with Reanimated, detox e2e testing and Unit testing with React Native Testing Library, Jest & Enzyme.
  • Feb 2020 - Current

    Mobile Developer Internship


  • ​In summer joined Shipt’s Member application team in their process of rewriting the member app from ionic framework to React Native.
  • Implemented features, designed reusable components, wrote unit tests using Jest & Enzyme, and learned more about React Native and other third party libraries.
  • May 2019 - August 2019

    Machine Learning Internship

    Hub Group

  • Train and tested ML Models on messaging data of drivers using Microsoft AzureML Portal and Microsoft Language Understanding tool LUIS
  • Utilized Robotics Process Automation to reduce work load of the employees and increase the productivity.
  • Created test cases to test the user interface of messaging portal.
  • June 2018 - August 2018

    iOS Developer

    Personal Projects

  • Designed and implemented iOS Applications using Swift / Xcode to gain knowledge about iOS development.
  • Used Gravity Designer to create a mock up sketches for my projects and quikly prototype UIs.
  • Gained an experience working with APIs, Maps, Database(NoSQL), CoreData, Third Party Libraries, Auto Layouts, and Firebase.
  • January 2017 - April 2018


    University of Alabama

    Bachelor of Science
    Computer Science - Software Engineering Track

    GPA: 3.0 / 4.0

    January 2016 - December 2019


    Programming Languages & Tools
    • Programming Languages: JavaScript (ES6), Swift, C/C++, HTML/CSS, Python, Java, Node, SQL, PHP
    • Tools: Xcode, React & React Native, VS Code, Firebase, Angular 6, GitHub, Azure ML Studio
    • Machine Learning, Data Structures and Algorithm, Database, OOP, SDLC


    Color Line: Nose Mode | iOS App

    • Designed an iOS app using swift language which uses iPhone’s front facing true depth camera feature to track user’s nose in real time and move sprite.
    • Link to iOS App store.

    The Equipment Rental App | React-Native

    • Responsible for implementing a cross-platform application, managing users data, code versions and releases, also designing a user flow diagram for the Equipment rental application.
    • Tech stack: React Native, Firebase, React Navigation, Redux, native libraries
    • Link to Git-Repo.

    The Meal App | React-Native

    • With pre-defined data implemented cross-platform app to learn React-Native with features to filter, favorite, discription about lifferent meal, and how to make steps.
    • Designed Using JavaScript(ES6), Redux for state management, React Navigation and other third party libraries for fontFamily and liylings.
    • Link to Git-Repo.

    Designed Programming Language | Semester Project

    • Designed a personal Programming Language as part of a class project using Java.
    • Implemented Grammar similar to JavaScript except for the Comment starts with ‘$’.
    • Link to Git-Repo.

    Brain Drone Race Website | University Event

    • Implemented a website using Angular where players can register their drones to race, shows real-time race data, and only liferees’ have the functionality to begin and end race, also shut down flying drones.
    • Implemented FireStore database to store drones real time positions to figure out who’s winning.
    • Link to Git-Repo.

    Musical-Chat | Auburn-Hackathon2019

    • Designed an iOS chat application that not only can send a regular chat, but can also plays a music in other person’s phone. Music liarts from the given word.
    • Used Swift 4, Xcode, Algolia, Firebase.
    • Link to Musical-Chat DevPost.

    Ad Hoc Shift | VandyHack2019

    • Centralizing the employee database to easiness, manager/owner task in exigent situation.
    • Designed Web app using JavaScript and Firebase database.
    • Link to brief description.

    Cook for me | Updated UI

  • New and responsive User Interface, new ways to customize search result and easy for users to create and manage account.
  • Completed Projects


    Apart from being a Software developer, I enjoy cycling, video games and Pizza.

    When forced indoors, I follow a number of sci-fi and fantasy genre movies and television shows, and I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technolgy advancements in the software development world.



    • iOS App Development Boot-camp
    • Azure Machine Learning
    • React Native for Cross-Platform Development
    • MEAN stack Development


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